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A few years ago, I became curious about how the body reacts to illness and stress. During my nursing practice I witnessed the physical reactions, but I was searching for something more. I began to explore the fascinating research done on the mind-body connection. Through this research I discovered that thoughts and emotions can hinder the breath. This constriction of breath can delay the healing process. The mind- body- breath connection became the focus of my search for something more in helping others attain wellness. In addition, I was lead down the path of the subtle body. The "energy" or Chakras within and around the body.

My friend Molly Deutschbein, LMT, CST, C-ATMAT introduced me to Reiki. Reiki a gentle light touch modality which balances the Chakras. Molly became my Reiki instructor and mentor. Molly taught me that when we experience stress or disease, the Chakras are affected and become out of balance. Reiki gently guided my hands to the Chakra vibrations and healing energy of Reiki.

I am honored to say, Melanie Kates, MD, my physician of over twenty years, has also been my holistic mentor. Melanie taught me the benefits of breath work, spiritual connection and meditation. Over the years, I have embraced the philosophy that the mind-body connection is a vital component to the healing process. Melanie guided me through my own healing and introduced me to many "healers" in the alternative medicine community. I was especially interested in the work of Louise Hay, a metaphysical lecturer, teacher and author. Louise Hay believes certain patterns of thoughts and emotions can effect our bodies in a negative way, causing "dis-ease."

Additionally, I have studied the work of Herbert Benson, MD, the author of the Relaxation Response. He discovered how breath work, along with meditation and visualization can turn on the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system controls the rest and relax response within our bodies. Allowing this relaxation response to unfold is beneficial to our overall health.

I am grateful to my mentors for their love, guidance and continued support. I am also grateful to my clients for being open to Reiki, allowing us to discover together the beauty and mystery of the healing body. My hope is to invite awareness of mind, body and spirit to clients through Reiki and breath so that they may experience a renewed sense of wellness and health.

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